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Joyce Bartle: "For Your Eyes Only" Poster Girl

Joyce Bartle: The Way to Become Immortal is to Pose for a Sexy James Bond Film Poster

Complete film poster "For Your Eyes Only" 1981
The full film poster
The film poster of "For Your Eyes Only" (1981) showed a shot of a woman standing with her legs spread, looking down at Bond, holding a a crossbow. It was designed by Bill Gold, who previously had done the iconic "Dirty Harry" posters.
Different version of the poster "For Your Eyes Only" 1981
Different version
Believe it or not, one of the great controversies of the entire Bond series was: who was the girl holding the crossbow? You can actually read about the great mystery in an article from 1981 that you can access online in the People Magazine archives. The quotes below are from that article.
Raw shot of the famous poster "For Your Eyes Only" 1981
Raw shot holding the crossbow, apparently of Nancy Stafford
The model was Joyce Bartle. the photographer Morgan Kane. Two other girls, former Miss Florida Nancy Stafford and British model Jane Sumner, were involved in the shoot, and in a hilarious turn of events, all three claimed to own the pair of legs used. United Artists initially claimed the model was Stafford, adding to the confusion. In the final analysis, Kane finally confessed that the only portion of Stafford's shoot that was used was of her hand holding the crossbow, because they apparently didn't use that kind of fancy model in the Bartle shoot. If you look at the different shots, it's difficult to see what they found wrong with either girl, I mean, what's wrong with Nancy Stafford's legs? And what was so important about having that ultra-fancy crossbow there? Did they really think that anyone even noticed the crossbow? If you're looking way off to the right at this poster, you must be a hunting enthusiast or something, because that's not where the action is.
Alternate version of film poster "For Your Eyes Only" 1981
They may look the same, but they made subtle changes.
It was quickly solved: Sumner is holding the crossbow, but everything else is 22-year-old New York model Joyce Bartle. “I know the contours of my legs,” she says. “They didn’t retouch a thing.”
Foreign language poster "For Your Eyes Only" 1981
The ad was slightly altered for different countries, but the legs remained the same.
Kane backs her up. “I have the shoes and the bathing suit,” he says. “In fact, when Joyce put on that suit it came down too low so we asked her to put it on backwards. They’re Joyce’s legs.”
Home video package "For Your Eyes Only" 1981
They liked the girl's legs so much, they used it in other versions, too
Several newspapers censored the final result - well, actually, there were several final results - and you thought the Roger Moore Bond days were stodgy!
Film poster for "The Transporter" imitating iconic "For Your Eyes Only" 1981 film poter
If imitation is the sincerest form of flatter by "The Transporter," well, consider yourself flattered!
Joyce wasn't actually in the film, but because of her appearance on the film poster, she got a lot more - ahem - exposure than any of the girls actually appearing on screen.

Below is the trailer for the film:


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