Monday, May 13, 2013

For Your Eyes Only - James Bond Film Posters

The Art of Film Posters Hits Its Apex

Never let it be said that the James Bond people are loathe to try cutting edge gimmicks to try and sell their films. Nothing wrong with that, and they have done some pretty outlandish things to stir up interest in their product when the public's attention required a little jogging.

Csse in point is the movie poster for "For Your Eyes Only," otherwise a fairly routine entry in the James Bond oevure. Despite being saddled with a fairly routine script, the James Bond team wound up and connected solidly when they created the poster for "For Your Eyes Only." It connects on so many levels that it should be a featured presentation in any graphics art class.

"For Your Eyes Only" wasn't all that memorable otherwise. The only really outstanding aspect of "For Your Eyes Only," in fact, was the poster. It featured a very provocative pose by an anonymous (at the time) lass with quite extraordinarily attractive legs. All sorts of controversy erupted, with people offended by the scandalous pose. It was kind of funny going into staid locations like libraries and seeing this risque pose on the wall. Ultimately, the poster worked like a charm. It created just the right kind of buzz for "For Your Eyes Only," reinvigorating the franchise after the financially successful but critically lambasted "Moonraker" and most likely keeping Roger Moore in the role of James Bond for a couple more turns.

To make the view a little better, the photographer had the model put her swimsuit on backwards to make the cut in the back a bit higher. This is the kind of decision that makes or breaks careers. The finished shot actually is a combination, one model having held the proper spear gun, the other model having the right look everywhere else. The two models fought for the credit of having the most exposed legs of all time on this poster, a dispute finally settled only when the photographer was forced to come forward with the original shots (see below). The legs turned out to belong to one Joyce Bartle. I'm sure she got a lot of dates out of the notoriety. People still remember her name. Well, some people. You know who you are. I sure do.

The "For Your Eyes Only" poster lives on as, without question, the most popular one of the entire James Bond series. It is one of the best remembered film posters of all time, ranking up there with the poster for "Gone with the Wind" for many, probably higher for more than a few. And, may I add, deservedly so.

This was the shot used for the arm and gun. The rest came from another model's pose.

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