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Monday, May 13, 2013

License to Kill - James Bond Movie Posters

"License to Kill" Becomes Timothy Dalton's Final Appearance

Timothy Dalton came and went as the successor to Roger Moore, and there isn't really much more to say about his brief tenure. He did a competent job, and certainly had his share of fanatical fans, but Roger Moore was a tough act to follow. It didn't help that Timothy Dalton would have been better suited for the energetic side of the James Bond role when he made the short list some years earlier, at the time of production planning of "For Your Eyes Only." The Eon producers, though, concluded that half-hearted search by retaining the aging Roger Moore for a few more films.

The film posters were mediocre, as was just about everything else about the two Timothy Dalton films. The James Bond crew from the '60s was getting on in years and, frankly, it was beginning to look as if they just didn't much care any longer. There were no memorable villains, the Bond girls were only so-so, and the plots were pedestrian. Timothy Dalton's patented shark-grin was unique, but not enough to make the films particularly entertaining. The spin at the time was that Dalton would be more macho, "as Ian Fleming intended." They say that, of course, with every new James Bond actor. The scripts didn't really emphasize that, and Dalton's James Bond wound up without much of a unique character such as Connery (manly) or Moore (light-hearted). Probably the best you could say was that he was a "gritty" James Bond. The film posters focused heavily on Dalton running about and smirking because they had very little else to go on.

License to Kill movie poster
License to Kill Timothy Dalton movie poster

License to Kill Timothy Dalton

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