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Monday, May 13, 2013

Skyfall - James Bond Movie Posters

"Skyfall" Justifies All that Came Before with Daniel Craig

The abrupt about-face of the James Bond franchise when Daniel Craig came on board startled a lot of fans. Many did not take kindly to this preening usurper, pretending to be some kind of superhero as the iconic Ian Fleming super-spy. Craig's first two films did well financially, but it was clear that he had not won over the general moviegoing audience. All that changed with "Skyfall," which isolated Craig as a Bond who was hurt but kept on coming. "Skyfall" was a massive financial success, earning over a Billion Dollars at the box office, and it resulted in the immediate order two more James Bond films with Daniel Craig in the lead role.

Note the difference from the Pierce Brosnan years - not only are there no women with guns standing ready to smite James Bond's foes for him, there aren't any women in the posters period. This is a man's business, the posters seem to be saying, and it is best left to men. The strategy worked brilliantly and Daniel Craig finally won over the hearts of fans around the world.

Skyfall movie poster

Skyfall movie poster

Skyfall movie poster

1 comment:

  1. Dear Friend, Skyfall was , for me, as bad as the previous movie. The daniel Craig Bonds films, for me, are story wise, dissapointing.
    Judy D. as M was poor from the getgo. This new series of films with Daniel Craig are a downhill trip.
    This latest series of 007 are appreciated more by audiances who are young and cannot judge the cinema experience that have come before. Not TV experience.
    Yet for there are some moments, such as, when 007 finds Vespa boyfriend and the locations and Venitian Palazzo falling were some small highlights but I would much rather re-watch the Pierce films.
    I was a boy in the movie seat when Dr. No came out. I enjoyed it and all the Connery Films . Certainly they were purist films in many ways. Certainly his Carisma, which for me Craig does not create.
    Thank you for your blog.