Monday, May 13, 2013

Tomorrow Never Dies - James Bond Movie Posters

Pierce Brosnan Keeps on Trucking in "Tomorrow Never Dies"

The Eon producers followed the same tactic that they had with the posters of "Goldeneye" when they marketed "Tomorrow Never Dies." They played up Brosnan's good looks, and emphasized that he was being protected by the two main females standing protectively behind him. It was a far cry from the manly 007 days of Sean Connery, and even Roger Moore had always held held his females beside him, protecting them rather than vice versa. It was a real change in direction that did not go down well with some audiences, and this, as much as anything anything, is probably responsible for Pierce Brosnan's mixed reputation as James Bond. When given the chance, he could be as manly as anyone, but the producers were trying to sell him as nothing but a ladies man, and you can't argue with success.  

Tomorrow Never Dies movies poster

Tomorrow Never Dies movies poster

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