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Berenice Marlohe, Severine in "Skyfall"

Berenice Marlohe, Beautiful Bond Girl of "Skyfall"

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012
Berenice Marlohe.

 "Skyfall" (2012) star Berenice Marlohe is a French-Cambodian model who lived in Paris when she was chosen by Eon Productions for the spy film. She since has moved to Los Angeles for her career. Berenice Marlohe secured the "Skyfall" part after two auditions — the second with director Sam Mendes, whom she describes as "good and brilliant" — which landed her the role of Severine, who is able to get Bond to the bad guy, Silva. During an encounter with her in a casino, Bond discovers Severine is a vulnerable and frightened woman with a lot of baggage. Naturally, they have a steamy clinch in the shower before a violent encounter with bad-guy Silva.

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012
James Bond is happy to join Sévérine on, where else, a yacht.

“If I could have invented a Bond girl, it would be Berenice,” says Sam Mendes, who directed "Skyfall." “I wanted to find somebody with all of the classic components of a Bond girl: voluptuous, sexy, a woman and not a girl, mystery. Berenice is half-Cambodian, half-French. She gives us that mystery. On top of all that, she happens to be a fantastic actress.”

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012

Daniel Craig who plays Bond says “We’ve just been blessed with a terrific cast. The casting of the girls: Naomie and Berenice – finding two exceptionally beautiful women who are very serious actresses and who are intelligent and work hard. For me, it has been a joy.”

Berenice Marlohe.Skyfall 2012
Sévérine.and Daniel Craig over drinks.

Writer describes the idea behind Severine, “She’s a survivor. Like many of the women in the Fleming books, she’s toughened herself up because she knows what it is to have been abused at the hands of men.”

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012

Of her character, Berenice Marlohe says, “Severine is the link between Bond and his nemesis, Silva,” says Marlohe. “She’s a very mysterious woman. I wanted her to have a lot of substance.”

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012

Berenice says that she had trouble landing parts in France. "They would tell me you are too tall compared to the actors, which is not good for you or you have too much personality. The producers and director of a movie actually loved my work, but they told me it is not good to have too much presence compared to the main actress, so we will not hire you. I didn't agree with the system."

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012

In a phone interview, Daniel Craig said Marlohe "brought a huge amount of depth to what is essentially a very small part. She gave her an awful lot of history in the way she played it. It makes it easy for me to act against and just much richer for an audience to watch."

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012

"Skyfall" gave a huge boost to Berenice's career, and she has remained busy ever since. Some of her projects since then include Terrence Malick's "Song to Song" (2017), six episodes of television miniseries "The Spoils Before Dying" (2015) and film "Valley of the Gods" (2017).

Berenice Marlohe Skyfall 2012


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