Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Be James Bond

How to be James Bond

James Bond Martini
Have a personal drink - shaken, not stirred.

Okay, so you are super-cool. Chill, in fact. However, you want that extra edge to push you over the top and make you James Bond cool. Herewith, a guide.

How to be James Bond in 12 Easy Steps:

  1. Exude Charm - read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friend's and Influence People."
  2. Dress Impeccably - Shave and wash daily, wear nice suits or sports clothes
  3. Be Daring - Rather than skulk in the shadows, walk right up to that pretty lady and chat her up
  4. Be Uncomplicated - Too many entanglements, personal or otherwise, tie you down
  5. Visit beautiful places - Go for the big tourist venues with beautiful architecture, like Venice or Rome
  6. Learn to Defend Yourself - Take some martial arts and riflery classes.
  7. Treat Ladies Properly - Always be courteous, even if they don't expect it.
  8. Change with the Times - Stay current on events, have friends who "know things" who share
  9. Have Good Taste - Get a personal drink, try new foods, dine in nice places, cook gourmet meals
  10. Have a fall-back plan - Should things go wrong, you need a way out. Know where or what it is in advance.
  11. Remember things - James Bond knows many people, places, things. Know a lot, it helps and impresses.
  12. Have Proper Priorities - Finishing the job at hand properly is what matters, nothing else. All else is vanity.
James Bond Sean Connery
James Bond - shaken, not stirred


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