Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming knew how to handle and use a weapon.

There was a very real spy connected to the James Bond movies, but it wasn't Sean Connery or Roger Moore or any of the other fine actors who appeared in the films.

Ian Fleming Sean Connery Dr. No
Ian Fleming and Sean Connery on the set of "Dr. No."

Ian Fleming is perhaps the most famous person whose picture you quite likely have never seen. There aren't a lot of photographs of him floating around. Perhaps it was partly due to his real-life spy training.

Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming during World War II

In any event, he did visit the sets of the James Bond films when he could. Above is a picture of him with Sean Connery on the set of "Dr. No."

Ian Fleming Camp X Canadian spy center
Camp X, the secret Canadian spy center where Ian Fleming trained


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