Monday, February 24, 2014

Sam Worthington Hurting Chances to be Next Bond

He's Got the Look - Does He Have the Class?

Sam Worthington Lara Bingle
Sam Worthington.

Sam Worthington auditioned with Daniel Craig the last time the James Bond 007 was up for grabs. He even made it to the final three - and didn't get it. More's the pity, he's a fine actor and would fit the role.

Perhaps, however, he would fit the role of the bare-knuckles brawler a bit too much.

Sam was arrested recently in New York City's shady West Village for engaging in fisticuffs with a camera-wielding paparazzi. The details of course are a bit in dispute, but the story is that Sam was defending the honor of Lara Bingle, who may (or may not) be his wife. The pap allegedly kicked her - which begs the question why would he do that? - and Sam, perhaps a bit in his cups after spending time at the bar, reacted in perhaps over-gallant fashion with a punch or two.

You know someone is famous if nobody even knows if the lady he hangs out with is his wife. How does that Beatles tune go? "Got to be good-looking cos he's so hard to see." Yeah, something like that.

Anyway, the saving grace (so far) is that there is no hint that it was a gay bar where the incident took place. And I am not implying anything at all, especially considering the (perhaps) missus was in attendance. However, for those who may not be familiar with the different quarters of New York City, the West Village is one of the, shall we say, more gay-friendly environs in the world. And before you get up in arms as to how I feel entitled to characterize that area - I live right down the street. Literally. I've passed by the shops with the whips and chains many a time.

Worthington plays Jake Sully in the "Avatar" films (yes, another one is coming), and appeared in "Clash of the Titans." His resume at this point is at least as firm as Daniel Craig's was at the time of his casting, perhaps even more solid. So, it is not going out on a limb to predict that, after Craig winds up his tenure as Bond with his concluding two films as is widely anticipated, that Worthington would be perfectly placed to assume the role. This would proceed just as Roger Moore waited in the wings for a decade for Sean Connery to move on and Pierce Brosnan patiently waited out Timothy Dalton (and for his annoying tv contract to expire).

Now, don't get all hoity toity about an Australian possibly playing the role of Bond. Yes, Sean Connery is Scottish, and Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig are as English as they come, and Pierce Brosnan Irish to a fare-thee-well. All fine gents, and all from the British Isles. However, oft-overlooked Bond George Lazenby (who did do a fine job in his sole turn in the role in "In Her Majesty's Secret Service") was Australian, paving the way (perhaps) for fellow Aussie Worthington. And this is oft forgotten, but the original James Bond, the one who started the whole thing on American television, was Barry Nelson - an American.

So, there is no reason that Sam Worthington couldn't take over as Bond sometime around 2020.

If he can stay out of further trouble, that is.

Sam Worthington Lara Bingle
Sam and "wife" Lara Bingle.


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